Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Another post...

Well How happy am I.... 


 I know its nothing compared to some people... but 11.... wow

I want to say a huge THANK YOU to those that are my followers... and also a huge SORRY for boring you.....

But please don't leave ...

I know I should have made a card, but Hector is still sat at my desk..
and it looks like he is there until Paul gets home to move him,
(I am a wimp when it comes to picking him up, I don't trust the tail, it hurts when he whips)

I am going to celebrate in style...
Have a nice cup of tea...Not that I should as I am only allowed two cups a week,
 and I had them Yesterday.
I might have to add here... I can drink as much as I like,, it is just that I only have 40 teabags left...and they may have to last me till Christmas... so two a week... ISH

But its a special cuppa it is..

I am going to try and get some things from my desk, and make a thank you card.. will post later when it is finished


thanks for stopping by xx


Dr Sonia S V said...

Yes I know the feeling. Though I have 170 as of now, each new follower gives a special lift to your heart.Enjoy dear and be happy!

misteejay said...

Congratulations Claire - it's a lovely feeling isn't it...I'm sure the number will steadily grow as your cards are lovely.

You certainly deserve a cuppa - especially as Hector has prevented you from crafting.

Toni xx

misteejay said...

**whispering so your hubby doesn't hear - giggle**

The flowers with the bead centres are part of the current DoCraft promotion and are from the "Anita's" product range. I got mine from Pinnacle Crafts which is my local store but any retailer who stocks DoCraft products should have them.

Toni xx

maddy hill said...

Theres nothing like a cuppa ,I might even join ya !
why only 40 ? can you not get them where you are ?

Would you like me to send some to ya hun ?

btw - i read your comment on my blog claire and ive sent you an email x

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