Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday? 106

Would you believe I logged on Blogger at 8am!!!
 Straight to Julia's blog, Stamping Ground

And I have been stuck in the world of work desk since... ( Huge sigh)
I should have just linked my desk and then gone Hopping... (shakes head)
But NO (another even bigger sigh)
Me being a Nosy Parker...(lol) 
Thought I will just look at a couple then start typing my blog  post up..
mmm (rolls eyes while thinking yeah right Claire)  NOT a good idea... 
I have now looked at all of them, unless of course anyone post's there post before I finish mine,
 Like they have been doing!!!! ( rolls eyes)
 Making the list just longer.... !!!!!
No wonder It has taken me so long ..
I blame you guys for posting while I am trying to look through the list.... 
the ever growing one... 

As you can obviously see I am concentrating on my post.. 
(I am not going to look to see if anyone else has posted..I am not..)

Right onto what this is about, now I have waffled on!!! 


With a live animal perched on top... (not good for wanting to craft)
The reason being... 
I opened hectors house to pop his breakfast in, his house is in my work room, as is the PC..
I then thought...WOYWW.... sat down and well...been here ever since...
Got up to take the pic.... 
not even realising Hector had got out and wondered right across the room!!!
Climbed up the drawer unit and onto my desk..
I know this is what he will have done as he does it everytime he comes out.
One problem though, 
I cant craft, as Hector doesn't like sharing space. !!
 even when it isn't his (can you tell its a male)

He moved into the middle of my desk when I was taking the Picture.
Just to let me know its his space for now..
So I will be staying away until he decides he want to go back into his house..
which I hope is soon,
 (if only I had done my post first, not blog hopped, while people were adding yet more links for me to look at, then hector wouldn't have got out, and I would be able to craft...!!!)


As for what I am working on... as you can see by the desk, not a lot, I have put a lot of my things away, 
I need to get the card for my mum made for her birthday, that's the wedding pic you can see, I wanted to incorporate that into it somehow.. I wanted to put lots of flowers round, in the colour of her bouquet, but its a black and white pic..
 and obviously I wasn't there... 
Phone call to someone in the UK who was there and might remember.
 then it has to be posted to the UK, and I know from experience even when there in a box the flowers  get squished.

I think it will end up as an easel card ,  with the photo as the main topper.
I am choosing to use the pic of her and dad on her birthday card, as mum is in a home, 
she has Alzheimer, along with lots of other things, and I was hoping (fingers crossed)
she would remember herself and dad.
And hopefully make her smile on her birthday, A tall order as she doesn't know anyone really
But maybe just maybe she will be having a good day..

I just wish I could be there to see her open it

Right that's my post... A bit long really,
(secret grin of getting my own back)

Thanks for stopping by xx


Claire said...

See look... While I was posting this Four more links to look at....
I had best go and look (big grin)
Make cup of tea first, its 11am...

Artyjen said...

That's a very different crafting buddy! :)
It's hard when loved one's stop remembering...lets hope it brings a smile
xoxo Sioux

Anonymous said...

Looks like Hector certainly makes life interesting! I try and take my photo the night before and do a timed post, so that when I check in, it's already published then I can just link it and get on with the hopping! Hope your mum likes the card, my FIL is also in a home with Alzheimers, luckily he still remembers close family for now but it's been a very bad couple of years for everyone.

Brenda 73

Andria said...

Love those photos of Hector! Not sure I could manage such a crafting companion, myself! Happy WOYWW!

misteejay said...

Not too sure about your crafting buddy Claire...LOL

Hope your Mum's card has the effect you hope for and that there is someone who can tell you how she reacted.

Toni xx

NatashaMay said...

That'll teach you. :) Next time write the blog post first and then go snooping around others desks. :) Happy WOYWW!

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Great post. I love Igauna' sons had cameleons yrs back had to buy crickets to feed them. And what does Tasmin think? Adorable puppy. Have fun, enjoy and Happy WOYWW

okienurse said...

OMG! Interesting crafting buddy!!! I couldn't figure out what I was seeing in the first photo and thought you had been taken over by some gigantic snake or something. An Iguana is better but I have such a phobia about snakes, lizards, frogs, toads etc. Brought up in the southern plains and southwestern parts of the USA is the reason. Blame the brother for scaring me! Thanks for sharing. Vickie #46

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