Friday, June 17, 2011

Folks tis Friday..

Meaning the WEEKEND... (clap hands with me)
I love weekends, 
as I have Hannah and Paul at home, so the house isn't so silent..

Also means walking on the beach, and general family life, 
forget the BBQ this weekend though, as it is raining.. although it isn't cold, 
I have had BBQ's in the UK when it has been raining and colder than here... (brrrrr)
so will see how the weather goes... 
I will also have  a little card making time as Paul is on deadlines for work again...
(grrr, not so good as he spends tooo much time at his laptop the joys of having a computer programmer as a partner)

On a brighter note... (not too bright though)
Hannah finishes school on Wednesday for summer hols!!!!!!!!!!!
 so I will be rather stressed right up until Sept
YES  you did read that right Sept, she has such a long summer holiday, 

I have got a couple of folders ready of stamped images, for her to colour and I am getting some scrap papers and card into a box ready for her own card making days.
I will post Hannah's cards on here also, 
only because she will moan if I don't, I might not even say whether there mine or Hannah's and see if you can tell the difference, ooo now there will be a challenge for you ( HUGE grin )

I Don't have a card to show you today, but I have done some crafting, 
I have gota little bit done on my mums birthday card, 
It is A4 so going to be a nice BIG card
As you can see I am making a window card, Normally I wouldn't add extra card to the edges,
But I thought it may be best in case mum is a little Heavy handed
Or one of the other patients gets there hands on it, here you can see I have done two corners but not the two closest

LOL, bet you can not guess what I was watching while making this... I will let you leave me a comment !!!!!! don't want to make it easy and give you the answer ( silly smile)

I have also made a mess

You see all the gold spray !!! just to cover a button, and believe it or not, it still has not
stayed gold, every time I pick it up the gold wipes off. (rolls eyes with a huge sigh)
I also have gold fingers.. but don't think they would be very nice on the card.. and I may need them again.
So any ideas on that would be a help.
(taking into account I am IN PORTUGAL, and they sell NOTHING practical for card making)

Here is the front of the card, although not finished, 
AND the picture isn't straight but then its not stuck down yet.
All I have done is added some embossed card to the front and I am in process of covering up joins..
They really do need to make A4 embossing folders..
 Whats the point in having the machine that does A4 when you cant buy the products eh... (my fault for wanting A4 machine I suppose)
And that is it

I am going to trawl the internet to see how I can cover the joins with ribbon without 
it being flat... I fancy doing it ruffled, but on my attempts this afternoon it keeps coming of the dst... 

It's the weekely phone the Uk tonight, so I may not got any blog hopping done..
But I will visit you over the weekend.
Have a good one all of you

Thanks for stopping by xx


Chrissy said...

Great post Claire, and I have no idea what you were watching,[curious grin]'s great that you daughter likes to craft with you, my g/children love coming to my house and craft the day away.Look forward to your finished card.

misteejay said...

**I'm clapping**

Just got home from work and I'm a tad soggy as we have rain here too. Gosh the summer hols are long over there...sounds like plenty of crafting time to come.

What is the button made of? would it be possible to use some gold embossing powder on it?

Hope you have a lovely weekend despite the weather.

Toni xx

Scrubbybubbles(sue) said...

Hi claire :) My name is sue and I found your blog through twitter. I have to say...I love your enthusiasm and your joy. It's infectious!! and that's what this cardmaking hobby is all about after all isn't it? Anyhoo! I love this card! it's beautiful!! I read that your in Portugal. If you ever need card supplies, I would be happy to send you some stuff. Along as the shipping is within reason LOL Have a great wknd!!

Sandy said...

Your card looks like it is going to be lovely, I can see Old McDonald in the corner, are you watching a kids DVD? LOL,

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