Friday, September 9, 2011

100 Christmas cards.

Now I did think about showing them one by one....
But they may take some time..
(big grin)
and I need all the time I have to make them..
as I am on countdown to moving back to the UK also
Well I am pleased to say that I managed to make 5 yesterday
Even with Paul being at home.
Now they are not amazing, like some of the cards you see on blog land
as I have just been using up papers and Images that came free with Magazines
onto the cards 
Card 1

I did spend a little time on Google looking for layouts
as I wanted to try something new.And I managed to find a couple
Card 2

Now this one is red and white.. although on this picture is seems to look brown
or is it just me...!!
I also found some shaped scissors in Hannah's room so have cut the white strip across the middle using them and I like it so will be using them again.
(they are now hidden in my tool bag)
Here is one of the card sketches I found on Google
So I made
Card 3
Right that's me for today on the card front
I have been naughty... very naughty
Before coming on here I was online looking at the website I order most of my things from, as they will deliver to me over here no problem.
anyway I was just looking and
saw something I liked the look of
Yes some nesties..large Oblong ones !!
(picture is of square ones...oooops)
So I ordered them..
just a slight problem
I thought to myself (huge grin)
I may as well order a couple of other bits while they are being delivered
BIG mistake
(rolls eyes)
I now have the following heading my way
DST (ten rolls) 
This does not count as every crafter NEEDS this
I have seen a few people using and it is fairly new so thought why not give them a try but what colour !!! haha... All of them
Now the flowers...The ones you put together in layers
 I couldn't just order one type, as there was so many staring at me
so I have to admit I did order quiet a few
The reason being is I couldn't decide which ones I liked best, and not being able to actually see them I thought if I got some of each then the ones I like I can order some more of..
The ones I don't then I will not order again 
Now Flowers I am not used to using as I can not buy them here, and I do have a favorite blog and the lady in question uses them often and they always look amazing, so yes I am going to try and make a card (when my flowers arrive) and try my hardest to make them
Right time to go now..
Cards to make 
BBQ ribs to prepare and cook
I will take a picture of them
A Friend of ours said they are to die for !!
I have to agree, but then I am biased
Thanks for popping over 
Claire xx


misteejay said...

Beautiful cards Claire. Glad you were able to find some sketches to inspire as you have taken on quite a task haven't you.

Sounds like you are going to be stalking your postie again LOL

Toni xx

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