Sunday, September 4, 2011

Is your Sunday...

A day of rest... Or is it hectic like mine...
Be honest do you with you could just chill all day
Or do you like it busy busy !!!!
I often think I will relax with Paul...
but no
Today we have painted the front gate...
(even though we move out in 3 months)
 and I have to say looks so much better
then I have done some general cleaning
Made Stew for tea..which smells lovely
it is in the oven slow cooking,
Dumplings to pop on the top half hour before.
(the last box of Atora Suet used up then)

I have cards made and ready to show, 
although I am in the living room not at the PC,
so they will have to wait until either later
when I can sneak into the craft room
or tomorrow when I once again sneak in 
lock the door and be in my little place I call...Quiet
on my own doing what I love doing best
playing with anything related to paper and card.

I know just how this little water melon feels
this is me when I cant get in my craft

I am going to quietly sneak away and get some 
paper to play with while Paul and Hannah play on the PS3.
Have a lovely sunday what is left of it
I will be hopping by soon xx


misteejay said...

Mmmmmm, that stew looks lovely - haven't made dumplings for ages...the one top right is mine, okay LOL

The watermelon is fab and yes, I feel like that at times.

This weekend has been very busy as I spent yesterday driving my niece about so she could stock up on her craft stuff to take back to Germany and today I took Mum shopping (we were very lucky and missed the rain.

Working full-time Mon-Fri I feel I'm still chasing round at the weekend catching up on what can't be done in the week - oh to have a quiet craty weekend.

Toni xx

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