Monday, September 12, 2011

Today turned out to be...

One of them days.... I had a nice day planned
card making and not a lot else...
meaning happy Claire
So this morning after playing with my blog
and doing a post I got a few things out ready to make a card.
Went to wash the pots and got a text
"we have a viewing for house at 630 tonight!"
The card room is a mess...and I mean a mess..
All left there from last weeks crafting
And the rest of the house although clean and mainly tidy
still needed the once over with hoover and polish 
just to make it spick and spam
Oh how I wish I was Mary Poppins !!!!!

I have finished the panic cleaning
and I am now ready to craft again
My desk is so tidy...not been this tidy in ages
it looks rather nice.
tooo nice
It needs some card and paper out
But I can't until tomorrow now.
(Grumpy Face)
I have another card to show you
I used a Tilda I have had coloured in for a long time

Now I knew what effect I wanted
But am not sure I got there totally
Maybe I should have used red card 
I just don't know.
But it is another card from my list.
I had best go and mess the nice clean bathroom up
and have a shower and do a last minute spot check 
and lets hope we sell !!!

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Chrissy said...

I love the Tilda image Claire, really cute, have not seen it before [I know...where have I been]Lovely card. love the lace up...


misteejay said...

Hope everything went well with the viewing.

Lovely card Claire - another off the list.

Toni xx

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