Monday, September 26, 2011

Evening to you all on this

Fine Monday night....
Today has been quite warm over here in the back of beyond
So I have got a few housey jobs done
I have had the horrible task of making a card for a man
yes the dreaded male species..
the ones that are a pain to make cards for..
the one in question is Paul's daughters husband...
And hes a football fanatic.... to what I think is the worst team in the world
bet you can't guess which !!!!!!
Anyway I wasn't looking forward to making this card at all..
and I have to admit its not the best card in the world...

I mean come on... Manchester United....
and to top it..Eric Cantona...
Anyway it is now made and ready to be posted.
And am sure he will like it.
Especially seen as I have edited out the Manchester United
and replaced it with Happy Birthday 
Apparently its not the done thing to do !!!
Thanks for stopping by xx


misteejay said...

I'm sure your efforts will be much appreciated Claire - great card (despite the subject matter LOL)

Toni xx

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