Thursday, September 22, 2011

What a day..and take three

What a day I have had today..
All was quiet in our huge house
When I made a BIG mistake whilst cleaning
I took the leads off the hook by the front door
To polish it...doh... claire wake up... 
(rolls eyes)
do you not remember that
they can hear that noise miles away...

Two dogs... Way to excited and going absolutely scatty 
so...this morning I was dog walking earlier than normal...
All was going OK ish.. 
Hannah was lagging behind, 
Tasmin was behaving for once and walking fairly close.
Kiya being walked by Hannah knows best not to misbehave Hannah sure knows how to tug the lead to stop her pulling !!!
I was wondering in front being my usual nosey self
when Hannah screeched behind me
At first I thought it was Hannah in trouble...
I turned round and pulled Tasmin back 
Hannah screeched again.
I could see nothing wrong !!!
Hannah then shouts look at Tasmin
my fluffy black cocker spaniel 
Tasmin before the walk

had just walked through..
White wet paint...
she all of a sudden had..
White Paws, white splodges up all four legs her belly was now white.!!!
rush home..and hope it is water based Paint.
I cant take her in the bathroom means going through half the house so straight into the Kitchen sink...
Tasmin... water.... soap
Scrub, scrub, scrub..
Pick Tasmin up...look at her legs
Still white...
Try again with the scrubbing... not going to come off !!
So I transfare Tasmin into a towel and find my mobile
the vets number and pass them to Hannah
She can speak Portuguese...
I would probebly end up saying that Tasmin needs her head cut off or something similar
Hannah explained and was told to bring Tasmin in.
They could fit her in...!!
So we drove to vets and they said they would get as much out as possible
Hour later my mobile rings... Hannah answers as it's the vets
They have done their best but could they cut her hair.
I said yes and they told me to pick her up in an hour
look what I now have

A very unhappy little Tasmin
lesson for today
and yes she is sat on my craft chair !!

Onto take three now..
Less is more once again
This is very plain
just white card stock with the digi image printed on
and then coloured using pencil crayons

A closer view of the butterfly
which I thought would stand out more if  left it mainly white !!
Thanks for popping over and I do hope you come back again soon
Claire x


Mandi said...

Love your doggie too
Thank you so much for entering our quest for 1000 entries!

Chrissie said...

SUper card!
Thanks so much for helping again in our attempt at 1000 entries to our challenge this week.
"Less is More"

Chrissy said...

Oh!'m sorry for laughing, but what a day you had alright...she actually looks beautiful all shaved.WhenI first looked at the pic, I thought she had a blanket wrapped around her.Bless her,her hair will grow back...
Fabulous card too,the butterfly does stand out, very pretty.


misteejay said...

Poor Tamsin...but it could have been worse - you could have had two furbabies to clean up.

Lovely dimension to the card by colouring the butterfly like that.

Toni xx

Linby said...

oh your poor dog - at least it will grow back, she must wonder what has happened to her.
Love the card, I actually prefer this CAS one but they are both great.

Sandy said...

Pretty card, your dog looks totally different - doesn't even look the same breed anymore! Poor thing,

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