Monday, September 12, 2011

My Blog page...

Hello all on this bright morning over here in Portugal
The sun is out and it is warming up
looks like it could be a rather warm day here
So the washing is in, and I have some on the line 
I have decided to make my own headers for my blog
Easy peasy so I am told !!! 
well Paul says so (but hes a computer programmer)
It all started off really well 
I had a basic shape and it was transparent !!
I have added an image and now it isn't !!
(rolls eyes)
Anyway Paul had gone of to work leaving me to it
and I have been sat here for quiet some time trying to make it transparent
Saving each stage as I go
I have now given in and sent an email to Paul !!!!!
(rolls eyes)
I have had a reply and it was something so easy to do wrong
I was saving it in the wrong format...
yippee it works and looks rather cute
I now have to make for all my headers.
About me is done !!!
Shouldn't take too long to do the rest as it is just a case of changing the text.
So watch this space as my blog will be prettier
I hope
Claire xx


misteejay said...

Very pretty Claire - well done.

Toni xx

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